The Peppermint Papa – Hot Tsokolate with a Twist

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Chilly December air brings to heart the Filipino Christmas spirit. It must be the smell of freshly cooked puto bumbong and bibingka during Simbang Gabi or the happy childhood memories that go with the smell of Christmas delicacies.

The tsokolate aka sikawate is a melted hot chocolate drink made from cacao that has been part of Filipino Christmas tradition for many years. It is the drink that is served to family members as they wind down from all the merry making and celebrations. It is also the drink that many look forward to when they visit their grandparents in the province as they are taught to make it at Christmas time.

The tsokolate has evolved to become the traditional Christmas drink in many parts of the Philippines. It is thick, rich and creamy, much like the love shared among family during Christmas season.

In some parts of the world, there are traditional Christmas drinks that are laced with rum for a richer flavor. Top favorites include the Eggnog, a staple in the US and Canada, the Cola de Moro from Chile, and the Ponche Navideño from Mexico. In the Philippines, there is Peppermint Papa — a drink that conveys a very Filipino Christmas with two distinct local products, tablea and Don Papa Rum.

Peppermint Papa is a melting pot of two different palates coming together for an explosion of flavors, a drink that triggers a lot of pleasant childhood memories but this time with a twist.

“Peppermint Papa was inspired from my Lola who used to make us hot chocolate for Christmas using the traditional tableas. Adding the peppermint flavor was my idea since it adds a wonderful touch of ‘festiveness’ to the drink,” says Kathryn Eckstein, resident mixologist of Don Papa Rum.

Don Papa Rum and tsokolate go very well together, especially since Don Papa Rum is a little sweeter than other spirits. Coffee and whiskey have been combined for half a century so it would only make sense to have a warm beverage with Don Papa Rum.

This season, as Filipinos gather together for a series of yuletide festivities, sharing great food and intimate moments, let Don Papa Rum end every celebration on a sweet note with the Peppermint Papa!

The Peppermint Papa

What you need:

45ml Don Papa Rum

20ml Kahlua

7ml Crème de Menthe

1 Unsweetened Choco tablea (add ¾ cup hot water)

Top it with Whip Cream

Optional: Choco bits or Strawberry Syrup

Here is the recipe for big gatherings:

With the use of a measuring cup, combine the following ingredients in a pitcher.

1 ½ cup of a

1 cup Kahlua

¼ cup Crème de Menthe

5 unsweetened Choco Tablea (add 6 cups of hot water)

Top with Whip Cream when ready to serve

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