Crystal Cruises: The Northwest Passage: A Historic First in Luxury Cruising

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On August 2016, Crystal Cruises will be the first ultra-luxury ship to set sail to the fabled Northwest Passage on an extraordinary 32-day voyage that marries extreme wilderness adventure with unsurpassed luxury cruising. Crystal Cruises designed an extraordinary voyage for those with a true wanderlust for the rare and undiscovered, a sailing that will travel from Seward, Alaska to New York City, marrying a passion for extreme wilderness adventure with a penchant for unsurpassed luxury travel.

It took an unrivaled 14-person expedition team of wildlife experts, naturalists, photographers, historians, extensive research and detailed planning of nearly 2 years for this all–inclusive cruise line to create a voyage like no other. World class Wilderness Adventures of unexpected opportunities for discovery such as glacier landings by Zodiac and meaningful time ashore was also created with the local community leaders for guests who are truly longing for an expedition of a lifetime Discover the Northwest Passage aboard Crystal. Extraordinary. Legendary. Awe-inspiring. Prepare for a rare adventure in a once-in-a-lifetime voyage to the top of the world… through majestic waterways lined with spectacular glaciers and towering fjords, where nature is truly wild and landscapes are absolutely breathtaking. This is the Northwest Passage — a fascinating Pacific-Atlantic sea route far beyond the Arctic Circle that for centuries captured the imaginations of kings and presidents, explorers and adventurers.

Cruise Reservations: Crystal Society members’ priority booking period is until September 1, 2014. Cruise opens to the general public on September 2, 2014. For important FAQs on this exciting voyage, visit this

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