‘Tastes of JAPAN' by ANA features different prefectures in 3-months cycles.‘Tastes of JAPAN' by ANA features different prefectures in 3-months cycles.

‘Tastes of JAPAN’ by ANA Featuring Miyagi, Ehime and Miyazaki Prefectures

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In September 2013 ANA Group launched its ‘Tastes of JAPAN’ campaign. This project, which introduces regional beverages and cuisine to ANA flights, airport lounges and other services, is designed to raise the profile of Japan’s lesser-known prefectures, particularly to overseas customers, and drive tourism to Japan. The project is also intended to stimulate local economies, in part by boosting consumption of regional agricultural products. The third phase of the project will introduce ANA customers to products from Miyagi, Ehime and Miyazaki prefectures between March and May 2014. This will include:

‘Beef stew’ from Miyagi Stewed with Miyagi prefecture’s local beer, Matsushima beer, the beef stew will be served as main dish at business class in certain routes.

‘Bavarois made with tangerines’ from Ehime This cake-like dessert is made from figs and ‘Iyokan,’ a type of tangerine from the Ehime prefecture.

‘Miyazaki Sirloin Steak’ from Miyazaki The Miyazaki Japanese Black sirloin steak will be served grilled, with a Japanese ginger sauce.

Airport Lounges: Japanese Sake Corner As part of the project, ANA customers are able to sample Japanese sake, shochu and awamori, the ‘Kokushu’ or national spirits of Japan, at ANA airport lounges in Haneda, Narita and Kansai Airports.

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