Summer Palace at EDSA Shangri-La, Manila: A Re-invention of a Timeless Classic

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Edsa Shangri-La, Manila’s iconic Cantonese restaurant, Summer Palace, recently re-opened its doors after months of remodeling and transformation.

The restaurant’s fresh and contemporary interiors, designed by Hong Kong-based designer BTR Workshop Limited, are a unique blend of East and West, and inspired by the history and richness of the Manila Galleon Trade of centuries past. Its walls are dressed in blue and white porcelain and punctuated by bold shades of red, with modern lines, plush fabrics and handpicked art pieces. The main dining hall, which seats up to two hundred fifty persons, has abundant natural light pouring through the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows that open up to a view of the hotel’s lush landscaped gardens. For those wanting more intimate dining experiences, there are three spacious private rooms: Dragon, Phoenix, with its own private entrance, and Peony, with the ability to convert to three smaller rooms, depending on the party size.

To celebrate the restaurant’s re-birth, executive Chinese chef Tony Sum, dim sum chef Andy Liew and director of Chinese operations Nancy Farm have prepared a line-up of new dishes for guests to enjoy. The 8 Treasures, a collection of signature creations, include Summer Palace’s special thousand layer radish rolls, sautéed fresh peeled crab meat and scallops with egg, and the grilled lamb rack with cumin, “Mongolian style”. Guests may continue to enjoy the restaurant’s sumptuous array of signature classics, such as hot prawn salad with fresh fruits, braised fish fillet with eggplant in hot pot, sweet and sour pork, braised pumpkin and taro in coconut milk, birthday noodles and a selection of all-time-favourite dim sum such as steamed baby abalone dumplings, fried lobster rolls, deep-fried two kinds of eggs with almond seeds and baked charcoal buns with seafood. The restaurant’s wine cellar boasts of a carefully curated selection of wines from around the world to pair with Summer Palace’s wide range of creative cuisine: a meticulously designed menu, over one hundred eighty dishes strong.

Amit Oberoi, general manager of Edsa Shangri-La, Manila, shares, “This is not a ‘new’ Summer Palace, rather, a re-invention of a timeless classic. The brand of service and culinary excellence that our guests know and love so well remain the same.”

“These spaces have seen countless milestones celebrated through the years and we look forward to celebrating many more, even unto the next generation, that will find Summer Palace to be a refreshing and fun place to enjoy a special meal with friends.”

“We foresee Summer Palace to continue being a place where family, friends and the country’s leaders gather to celebrate life and look hopefully into the future. We will also continue being a go-to establishment for weddings and anniversaries.”

Edsa Shangri-La, Manila’s Summer Palace restaurant has been touted for its extraordinary Cantonese cuisine since it began its operation in 1992.

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