Pepita’s Kitchen Christmas Offerings

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For the Christmas Season, Pepita’s Kitchen rolls out special dishes to celebrate. Here’s a preview of The Lechon Diva’s scrumptious dishes.

Balut Salpicao

The Perfect Appetizer For Any Party, balut cooked with garlic oil.

balut salpicao

Truffle Chicken

Chicken leg quarters infused with truffle flavour on a bed of truffled mashed potato. The perfect potluck dish for the CHRISTmas season.

chicken truffle

CRABS with creamy TABA NG TALANGKA  sauce  (crab fat sauce) Crabs with creamy crab fat sauce


Shrimp With Salted Egg Sauce Fresh white shrimps cooked in salted egg sauce. Heaven in every spoonful.


Food For The Doñas Cake infused with local mango liqueur with cashew and pili nuts with a layer of cashew butter topped with mango, pineapple, guyabano , coconut strips, papaya & banana

food for the doñas 2

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