Huma Island Resort: The Great Getaway

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Imagine that it’s the first of September and you belong to the 9 to 5 working class. It is an hour or so before the crack of dawn and you’re getting ready for work. Imagine that you are going through a daily routine of breakfast and bath and in the midst of it all, you turn on the radio, absent-mindedly filling the room with music. What song are you hearing?

If you’re in the Philippines, then chances are you are listening to a Christmas carol, the first you probably remember hearing this year. It is also most likely that this is one of the many you will be encountering by chance in the near future. The encounters will be infrequent at first but as the season gets closer, as temperatures begin to descend even as the threats of climate change begin to make meteorological patterns more erratic, as you find yourself suddenly surrounded by the reds, greens and the occasional golds of Christmas trappings, you will find it harder and harder to escape such music.

For a country as celebratory and convivial as the Philippines, the December holidays are so highly anticipated that they affect the way people live months before they actually occur. Merchants from all parts of the country begin selling Christmas decorations as early as September and the most assiduous of shoppers begin chipping away at their Christmas list usually within the same month. Meanwhile, there are those who begin saving up; they even clock in extra hours of work for the financial capacity to bankroll a major vacation at the end of the year.

Such eagerness, while at times over-the-top, is understandable. The December holidays, after all, usually come with a relatively long vacation period that stretches from Christmas all the way to New Year. They also come, typically, with year-end salary bonuses that can amplify the purchasing power of people. Most importantly, the season is usually seen as a window for those separated by circumstances like work or school to reunite.

All things considered, the December holidays are important, and most find it fitting to commemorate it somewhere special.

In Palawan, one of the top vacation spots in the Philippines, there are many hotels and resorts that vie to be that special place but only a few actually realize the dream. Among them is Huma Island Resort and Spa, an establishment that has yet to fully open.

Judging by looks alone, Huma Island Resort and Spa is already a success. It sprawls over 14 hectares of land peppered with white sand. It boasts of eight dining establishments, and more than 80 high-end villas complete with luxurious amenities like private sundecks, and outdoor Jacuzzis. And, it is framed by the best of Busuanga, where Palawan, the last frontier of the Philippines, harbors a great deal of its secrets. But what really makes Huma stand out is comprehension, the capacity to understand that people come to it to experience something unique.

For this edition of Fashion on Location, our photographer Raymund Isaac sought to immortalize such comprehension. Joined by photo assistant Jayson Vicente, hair and makeup artist Sanny de Leva, stylist Aida Concepcion, and model Marianna Henud Cresci, he rationalizes as to why this majestic Palawan resort deserves to host one of the most important seasons of your year.

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