Florence: Flourishing in Florence

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Florence was once hailed as the birthplace for the Renaissance Period—a cultural movement that dramatically spurred intellectual evolution. It was then a city of intriguing peculiarities in social and civic norms. And its ways have been deemed quintessential to the movement’s capacity to conquer a great deal of Europe.

It has been ages since the Renaissance. Widespread cultural revolutions have come and gone, but Florence maintains its ability to inspire a personal awakening should you ever need one.

Walk along the narrow streets of the city, find yourself within the rush of tourists there to relish its timelessness and taste its food and wine. Get what you think is your fill. Then do it all over again the next day and still find yourself surprised.

The city is dynamic. It is rich with ever-changing subtleties that make every experience with it something new and fulfilling. And then there’s the city’s contribution to the arts. Florence, as one of the prime figures of cultural resurgence, is one of the world’s greatest vanguards of the arts. And you, traveler, you with your foreign ways and your unfamiliar presence, can be among its greatest treasures.

Let Florence take hold of you. Immerse yourself in its rich culture. Don’t just let Florence be Florence. Let it be Florence within you and watch yourself transform. Then leave. Take the city with you. And show the rest of the world why Florence is once dubbed the birthplace of the Renaissance.

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