Early Bird Breakfast Club: Starting right, any time of the day

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Breakfast—it’s much more than just the most important meal of the day. It’s the food we share with those most intimate. We do lunch and coffee breaks with business associates and dress up for dinner dates. But those who partake of our breakfasts are the family we share our homes with, the faces we wake up to, and the loves that stay the morning after. Breakfast means hearty comfort food and cherished memories—the things that make us smile for the rest of the day.

But sadly, much too often these days, breakfast is a hurried, greasy fried, drive-thru takeout, slapdash slam-bam affair—something we aren’t all too proud of eating, to be done with in as little time a possible before we hurry to the daily grind. So it’s no surprise that we yearn for authentic breakfast cuisine—something cooked with love and care—in the wee hours of the night or during the middle of the day.

Now, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, there is a place where you can eat breakfast day or night. Early Bird Breakfast Club, located at the ground floor of Fort Pointe 2 building of The Fort Complex, 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, promises to satisfy the craving for lovingly prepared hearty morning meals any time of the day.

Early Bird Breakfast Club is open 24 hours during weekends, starting at 7 AM Friday up to 10 PM Sunday. So if you have a hankering for breakfast for odd hours don’t feel strange. Here, we are home. Here, we are among our own kind. Ellen Joy C. Evangelista-Co, Managing Director of Early Bird Breakfast Club, reveals, “We opened 24 hours because we’ve been getting lots of requests to open 24 hours. When we opened 7 AM, some people would wait as early as 6 AM. We didn’t realize how big the demand for breakfast was.”

Ellen is one of us. She attests, “I’m the type of person who craves for breakfast any time of the day. I’ve always loved breakfast. I’m a morning person. My husband and I usually scout the best breakfast places, and when I lived in Singapore for a year for work in advertising, I was amazed that they have a lot of breakfast places there with different themes, ambiances and settings. When I moved back here, I noticed we didn’t have many breakfast places. Your only options would be fast food—and I don’t consider that a proper breakfast—or coffee shops and hotels. There was nowhere to go. So I told my husband I really wanted to create our own breakfast place. ”

Early Bird Breakfast Club possesses a warm yet quirky design, hipster yet unpretentious, with white line drawings on a baby blue wall of song birds fl itting among trees. The place is lit by incandescent light bulbs framed by bird cages.

“It took a while to get this up and running. We opened January this year. It wasn’t planned. It was my passion for breakfast that led me to building this. We don’t cook. We’re just foodies. When we were looking for our team of chefs, we weren’t just looking for great talent, but passion for breakfast as well. They really had to be in line with the concept and the brand. We talked to a lot of chefs but not all of them understood the brand and how we want to take breakfast to the next level,” enthuses Ellen. Sharing her passion for breakfast is Early Bird Breakfast Club’s head chef Matthew Hornsby-Bates and sous chef Matthew Lim.

“Even down to our staff, it’s a passion we want to share. Breakfast is often taken for granted, done fast. And we are not fast food. When people come in, they see our beautifully plated meals. That’s not something you see for breakfast often. We take time with our food because we take pride with our beautifully plated meals. That’s something we try to imbibe with everyone,” she adds

But as carefully presented as the meals may be, it is their taste and their aroma that awakens to fondest memories from patrons. The best loved signature dishes include: The Early Bird Full English, Lemon Butter Bangus (milkfish), Eggs Benedict, Champorado, and Chorizo and Mushroom Risotto. From the rich texture of egg yolk to the savory crispy sensation of bangus, each meal is rich and hearty, a loving symphony of flavors and aromas that sing to one’s palate with loud, joyous crescendo.

Ellen confesses her most cherished dish: “My favorite is champorado (Filipino chocolate rice porridge, adapted from the Mexican champurrado, a thick drink made from maize flour and cocoa). I’m inclined towards the local taste. I like it with dilis (salted anchovies). And I’m a chocoholic also. That’s why one of our items on the menu is the yin and yang champorado made from dark and white chocolate.” Early Bird Breakfast Club seeks to elevate hearty comfort morning food to a level worthy of our best days and the most lofty classical culinary traditions.

She reveals that she plans to spread her love for breakfast further: We’re planning to open the next branches by the end of the year. Besides expanding locally, our goal is to bring it abroad.”

Join the club, the place beckons cheerfully. Here, where we belong, it’s always a good time for breakfast.

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