Devarana Spa: Healing garden of heaven

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Entering the divine garden

The entrance hall leading to the lobby is decorated with water fixtures, Thai reeds, and frangipani, while the walls and ceiling are decked with gold and silver. Elements in the Lithai’s devarana are given a modern interpretation that those looking for semblances of a natural garden might be in for a slight surprise. Whatever one’s artistic preference may be, though, the spa succeeds in conveying a heavenly ambience.

The 724-sqm haven has six treatment rooms. There are two standard rooms with a built-in steam shower and massage area, and there are four suites built for ultimate pampering. Each suite has a lounge and a bath tub and can accommodate two people at the same time.

The steam showers are one of the exceptional features of the spa. Herbs imported from Thailand are used in the 30-minute steam shower, making the experience not just a relaxing one but an ideal therapy for the respiratory system. Other than body massage areas, the spa has a reflexology foot massage section where manicure and pedicure services are also offered.

Only the well-informed have the chance to enter the gates of this particular heaven. Cherry Morandarte, Spa Supervisor of Devarana Spa Manila, shares that they are opting for exclusivity when it comes to their clientele. The five-star luxury spa deliberately minimizes advertising and wishes to be known through word-of-mouth.

A treatment for the gods

What makes the spa a hit among its exacting patrons is its signature Devarana Massage, which combines massage techniques from the East and West (Thai, Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Swedish) along with aromatherapy. You may choose among four massage oils for your 90-minute treatment: Romance oil (Ylang-ylang and Geranium) for hormone balancing; Energizing oil (Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, Geranium, Grapfruit) for general skin care; Relaxing oil (Lavender, Bergamot, Geranium) for stress-relief; and Balancing oil (Basil, Tea Tree, Orange flow) for muscular aches and pains. You may also indicate how much pressure you want in the massage (from light to hard).

Normally a ticklish person, I would know a massage is good if I didn’t have to fight against the therapist’s strokes. With the Devarana signature massage, the different massage techniques are masterfully combined into one long soothing treatment. Enhancing the sensation is the healing scent of citrus emanating from the bowl of hot water with slices of lemons and oranges. To round off the promise of a complete treat for the senses, Thai classical music, exclusively arranged for Devarana Spa, is played in the background.

A unique treatment, not just in Deverana Spa Manila, but in other spas as well, is the Halo-Halo Body Scrub. Halo-halo (Tagalog for “mix”) is a local summer dessert made of shaved ice and a mixture of tropical fruits. As with the popular dessert, banana, coconut, and red bean—as well as jasmine rice–are combined in the body scrub to make skin healthier, sweet-smelling and, according to Morandarte, “good enough to eat”.

Each year, Devarana Spa comes up with innovations for their clients. In the past, they offered the Eastern Promise Therapy, where a top therapist from Thailand performed the exclusive treatment. This year, they proudly offer the Scrub Cakes. For each season of the year, a corresponding scrub cake is available. You may exfoliate your skin with aromatic body scrub choices ranging from Carrot and Orange to Pumpkin and Bael fruit.

Heaven on earth

The luxury and world-class service that the Devarana brand provides are continuously recognized through its years of operation. Among the accolades it has received are for Best Scrub, Favorite Spa, and Best Spa.

You can take home a piece of your divine experience by visiting their retail shop and purchasing their therapeutic items which includes incense, scented candles, and the Thai classical music CD compilation. Special discounts may be availed by in-house guests, with payment done through selected credit cards.

Situated at the business district of Makati, Devarana Spa in Dusit Thani Manila readily attracts the affluent professionals and members of nearby villages. Having a taste of heaven has its price. But knowing that you can have it while here on earth makes it worth the shot and worth repeating.

A sweet treat for the skin

Devarana Spa Co., Ltd. was honored with a Best Scrub Award in 2004 by Spa Asia Magazine. The recognition is one proof that there is always something to be excited about their body scrubs. In Devarana Spa Manila, the Halo-halo Scrub is especially created to give its clients a scrub with a uniquely local flavor.

Their proclivity for giving the best and most innovative body scrubs continues with their special release this year: The Devarana Spa Scrub Cakes. Indulge in a 60-minute body scrub designed to keep your skin perfect for each season.

Rejuvenate your skin at the start of the year with the Carrot and Orange Scrub Cake, available from January to March. In this scrub are restorative elements coming from milk, oatmeal, and ground rice. Orange and peppermint oils are also added for complete invigoration.

Summer, while fun, can harm the skin due to sunburn and constant outdoor activities. An answer to this is the Butterfly Pea and Coconut Scrub Cake, available from April to June. Butterfly pea flowers provide protection from UV damages, while coconut is good for dry skin.

Keep your skin glowing and healthy from July to September with Green Tea and Red Bean Scrub Cake. Inspired by Japanese desserts, this body scrub has antioxidants from green tea and proteins from soy milk in red bean granules.

The Pumpkin and Bael Fruit Scrub Cake, available from October to December, was concocted to nourish the skin during winter and in time for the holidays. Pumpkins, with its vitamins and alpha-hydroxy acids, can moisturize the skin, while bael fruit helps minimize pores.

The Scrub Cakes, made with fresh and natural ingredients, are literal food for the skin. And as with any great food, their presentation is part of what makes them truly delightful. Staying true to the Deverana philosophy of pleasing all the senses, the scrub cakes are presented like actual cakes that if you didn’t know any better, might tempt you to take a bite.

The scrubs are available in all Devarana Spas for the entire year. It costs THB 2,100++ in Thailand and PHP 2,800++ in the Philippines (roughly US$65-70). Purchasing four vouchers of any scrub cakes will avail you two vouchers of Swedish Massage.

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