ANA’s STAR WARS™Project C-3PO™ ANA JET flight schedule revealed

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Passengers will receive a C-3PO™design boarding certificate and participate in a prize campaign

ANA is pleased to announce the C-3PO™ ANA JET (Boeing 777-200) operating flight schedule during the specified periods from July 18, 2017 to August 3, 2017. ANA started the operation of the C-3PO™ ANA JET flights (Boeing 777-200) on March 21, 2017 with an inaugural flight from Haneda to Kagoshima.

The C-3PO™ ANA JET cabin features paper cups and headrest covers with a unique C-3PO™design,and cabin attendants wear STAR WARS™ themed aprons to create an enjoyable galactic inflight experience.

Passengers on board these flights will receive an original C-3PO™design boarding certificate,and those who registered to participate in the campaign will have a chance to win a prize.

ANA will continue to roll out various attractive events as part of the STAR WARS™Project. (For details of the STAR WARS™Project, visit

1.Operation schedule of the C-3PO™ ANA JET flights

Operation periods: July 18–20, July 22–27, and July 29–August 3, 2017

Target routes:

Haneda–ItamiANAFlight 15(08:00–09:10)

Itami–HanedaANAFlight 20(10:00–11:15)

Haneda–Fukuoka ANAFlight 253(12:35–14:25)

Fukuoka–HanedaANAFlight 258(15:10–16:55)

Haneda–ItamiANAFlight 37(18:00–19:10)

Itami–HanedaANAFlight 40(20:20–21:35)

* The routes and flights are subject to change withoutpriornotice.

An original C-3PO™

ANA JET pin badge

An original C-3PO™ ANA JET FRIXION ballpoint pen

An original 1:200 C-3PO™ ANA JET model plane with an autograph of Anthony Daniels who plays C-3PO

2.Original C-3PO™boarding certificate

Passengers aboard the specified flights will receive an original C-3PO™design boarding certificate in the cabin.

* In some circumstances, it may not be possible to provide boarding certificates due to flight operating conditions.

3.Campaign to win a prize

Passengers who registered to participate inthe prize campaign,and boarded one of the specified flights, will be chosen by a lucky draw to wina prize.

For details, visit ANA’s official website

For details of this campaign, visit

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