Amorita Resort wins the ASEAN Green Award

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Amorita Resort was recently recognized as one of the 10 ASEAN Green Hotel Awardees whose efforts meet the criteria set by the ASEAN Tourism Standard, in a ceremony that coincided with the close of the ASEAN Tourism Forum 2016.

The ASEAN Green Hotel Standard is intended to establish a professional “green hotel operation” that includes an environmental plan benefitting not only the hotel itself but its environment and communities.

In a statement, Atty. Lucas Niccolo “Nikki” Cauton III, CEO of One-of Collection, said that this ASEAN Green Hotel recognition reaffirms the commitment to sustainability of Amorita Resort, a luxury boutique resort in Bohol’s Panglao Island and One-Of Collection’s flagship property. “That’s why we created Project ECHO: Short for actions and initiatives on Environment, Community, and Heritage by One-Of Collection. Project ECHO aims to be the loudest and resonating voice on sustainability among local hotel management groups, in the Visayas and in the Philippines”, said Cauton.

Project ECHO represents an executive decision to engage all levels of the organization in integrating sustainability as a business strategy. “Today’s traveler is not just after modern amenities and comforts,” he said. “Research shows that guests now prefer hotels and resorts that respect and protect their environment. Being in the hospitality industry, we recognize that we cannot simply meet travelers’ commercial needs. Our business goals are inevitably linked to the natural surroundings and our host communities, and we must respond by working to make a positive impact in these areas.”

The ASEAN Green Hotel recognizes accommodation establishments that promote awareness of the need to protect the environment. The award also encourages local community participation, those who help support local culture, arts, and crafts, through partnerships with stakeholders.

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