Acclaimed Czech Author Julie Nováková visits Manila for MIBF 2017

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Julie Nováková is a rising young author of speculative fiction, who published seven novels in her native Czech language and many short stories in several languages including Chinese and English. Her novels appeared in prestigious genre periodicals, such as Analog Science Fiction and Fact and Asimov´s Science Fiction, and numerous anthologies. She also works in the field of science, translation and editing. The latter led her to assemble an anthology of Czech stories in English translation to present current fiction from the country, which gave us the word “robot”, to the world.

Her anthology, “Dreams From Beyond”, was launched at the 38th Manila International Book Fair together with a book of Central European and Philippine stories, “Ang Manggagaway”, published by Visprint, which also has a translation of Nováková´s short story. The launching was graced by special guests including Philippine speculative fiction writers, such as Dean Francis Alfar. “Dreams From Beyond” feature stories from ten renowned Czech science fiction and fantasy writers. Some of the writers have made their presence known at the English-speaking market and several of them received awards from the European Science Fiction Society.

“I’m happy to have been able to launch the book here; The Philippines has such an active and enthusiastic speculative fiction community and a lot of interest in the genre. I love Filipino science fiction – and most importantly, the Filipinos who love science fiction!”, Nováková says. She previously translated “The Secret Origin of Spin-Man”, written by Philippine writer Andrew Drilon, for a special issue of Czech literary magazine Plav.

“I especially want to thank the Czech Embassy in Manila for supporting the book and bringing me here, and the Philippines for being so welcoming,” adds Nováková. She plans to work on several anthologies of European stories in translating them into Filipino and on bringing more Philippine genre fiction to Europe. “Art and literature help us build bridges between countries and nations, and science fiction is well-suited for that because of its diversity and popularity.  I’m honored to be a part of that,” Julie Nováková explains and supports such literary diplomacy which is thriving due to Czech activities here in Manila and helps foster a lively cultural exchange between countries.

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