A Happily Ever After Christmas at Hong Kong Disneyland

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Christmas is for kids, so they say. But no matter what the age, this place of wonder is sure to awaken the kid in you. Our inner child was certainly giddy, jumping for joy even, at the mere thought of packing our bags for the happiest place on earth this side of Asia. Who can say no to Hong Kong Disneyland anyway? Not us – and not on their 10th anniversary celebration, with their theme of “Happily Ever After Christmas” promising a day of theme park extravaganza.

One of the three new themed lands, we’ve found, is Toy Story Land, where Woody, Rex, and other characters from Toy Story movie greeted us. Hopping aboard RC certainly thrilled no end as gravity was defied up and down the U-shaped track. The ride on top of Slinky Dog was a dizzying fun of tail-chasing ‘round a gigantic food bowl. It was also breathtaking to witness the Toy Soldiers drop from the sky in parachutes.

At Mystic Point, we strolled around the splendid Garden of Wonders and got intrigued by archaeological antiquities in amazing 3D renderings. At the Mystic Manor, we gushed at mysterious artifacts from all over the world as they sprung to life.

The Grizzly Gulch is where the Big Grizzly Mountain is found. Here, Mickey, Minnie, Chip and Dale are clad in Old Wild West attire; pools, geysers and wagons promise one roaring time of fun. Indeed, a mine train sped around the winding caverns, and the geysers ensured some water-logged thrills. It was so memorable we just had to take our photo sticking out our face behind the “Wanted” posters.

At the strike of 4 or 5 PM, the Flights of the Fantasy parade commenced, dazzling us and the rest of the spectators.

But the highlight of our stay was that moment at the “Frozen” Christmas tree lighting ceremony at ‘Main Street, U.S.A.,’ where Queen Elsa lit up the giant Christmas tree and the star of Bethlehem with her magical powers. At the procession announcing the queen’s arrival, Princess Anna also graced the occasion. Soon, an enchanting projection of snowflakes cascaded all around us. When the Disney Paint the Night parade ensued, “Spectacular, spectacular!” was all we could say.

A perfect finale was the “Disney in the Stars” fireworks. It sustained the exhilaration with the use of projection‐mapping to create video and lighting magic, the Sleeping Beauty Castle serving as giant canvas. We met the new cast of 49 Disney characters, including 16 new additions, comprising the “Mickey and the Wondrous Book,” Hong Kong Disneyland’s brand-new live musical show.

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